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We combine market data with industry expertise to predict future innovation in the ocean supply chain and help our clients make the right investment decisions.

Innovation Database

  • A searchable database of startups and innovation projects in maritime.
  • 300+ companies and projects profiled with more added every week.
  • Rich company profiles detailing funding, technology use, team members, and contact details.

Market Briefings

  • In depth market briefings on emerging technology trends.
  • Analysis of technologies, industry adoption, funding, and market leading companies or projects.

Patent Analytics

  • Analysis on global patent filings.
  • Understand IP protections in place for potential investments, acquisition targets, or partners.
  • Predict product launches from competitors ahead of time.

Competitor Analysis

  • Understand which companies are competing with each other or operating in the same space.
  • Spot threats and partnership opportunities before anyone else.
  • Analyse market size, market investment, and problem areas.

Private Technology Briefings

  • Identify and understand opportunities and threats to your business with custom technology briefings.
  • Answer specific questions on the market and receive custom analysis.

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