AELER makes next-gen shipping containers, bringing full in-transit visibility.

Aeler is an AI-driven company building the technologies to automate in-transit freight logistics. They focus on robust data collection for predictive and prescriptive analytics of the end-to-end supply chain. To provide seamless end-to-end visibility services, they redesigned the fifty-year-old intermodal container into a next-generation version, capable of monitoring the container and its cargo in real-time while being significantly better in operation. AELER’s smart container can understand its cargo during transit and predict unforeseen events, no matter when or where they happen.

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland | Founded: 2016

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

Naïk Londono | Co-founder & CEO | LinkedIn

David Baur | Co-founder & CTO | LinkedIn

Quentin Cabrol | Lead Development Engineer | LinkedIn |Twitter

Aeler Intelligence Report:

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