Airobotics provides automated drone solution for sea ports.

Airobotics has developed a turnkey solution to connect your port operations on the ground and at sea, with insights from the sky. With an in-depth understanding of the challenges seaports face in attempting to monitor ground and sea traffic, port safety and emergency response, and other operational tasks, the Airobotics solution connects seaport operators directly with concise and actionable aerial data. The Airobotics end-to-end solution begins before the system arrives on site, as the Airobotics' team supports and facilitates the regulatory process and provides a customized action plan which details how the platform will operate in different applications.

Location: Scottsdale, United States | Founded: 2014

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Ran Krauss | CEO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Meir Kliner | Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Richard Wooldridge | COO | LinkedIn