Autonomous Marine Systems

Autonomous Marine Systems

AMS is a marine data services company based in the USA. Using fleets of sailing drones, AMS collects and transmits hydrographic data across the surface of the globe. The world’s first self-righting catamaran (dubbed the Datamaran) is the backbone of...

Autonomous Marine Systems Inc. (AMS) has developed the world’s most advanced robotic sailboat called the Datamaran. The craft can operate autonomously on long duration missions over massive geographic distances. Networks of such boats represent a quantum leap in technical capabilities and will allow for ocean surveillance of an unprecedented richness. AMS plans to leverage this low-cost, operational asset to build the world's first truly global water-borne intelligent sensor network and data distribution channel. This system will enable customers to marshal aquatic resources in previously unimagined ways without risking human life or incurring the costs of operating traditional vessels in extremely unforgiving marine environments.

Location: Somerville, United States

Founded: 2008

Ravijit Painta | CEO | LinkedIn

Eamon Carrig | Co-Founder & CTO | LinkedIn