Quickly find the best bunker port for your voyage.

BunkerEx is an online portal for owners and operators to find their optimal bunker port when planning voyages. Shipping companies miss cheaper bunker options in 3 out of every 10 voyages, adding +$200/day of cost across all trips. Their experienced brokers provide one point of contact to 200 of the most reputable bunker suppliers in the world. They provide key market information, negotiate prices and set up credit lines on the shipownerโ€™s behalf. All correspondence is 100% transparent with a strong focus on price, fuel quality and minimising claims risk. Once a deal is fixed, they provide post-fixture support by liaising with the supplier, master, agent and surveyor to ensure a smooth delivery.

Location: London, United Kingdom | Founded: 2017

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Willem Muller | CTO, Co-Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter

Ishaan Hemnani | Founder | LinkedIn

Ipek Hazardagli | Sales & Marketing Executive | LinkedIn