Optimize collaboration & visibility to streamline your container shipping

Buyco builds technology that streamlines shipping operations. Their cloud-based maritime management platform enables end-to-end shipment operations management. Over 90% of the world's trade is carried by sea and nearly all those shipments are arranged via phone calls, email and spreadsheets. Buyco eliminates those time-consuming and messy workflows. BuyCo uses the latest technologies to simplify, secure and optimise container shipping management. Buyco’s platform allows you to easily view details, documents, and live status-tracking of your shipment. Let technology do the work for you. Automate your operations and collaborate efficiently.

Location: Marseille, France

Founded: 2014

Carl Lauron | Founder & CEO | LinkedIn

Geoffroy Willaume | CFO | LinkedIn

Matthieu Blayac | CTO | LinkedIn

Benoit Fichefeux | Chief Sales & Operations Officer | LinkedIn