Claritecs is built on maritime expertise to empower decision makers with data-driven insights

Claritecs is a maritime solutions company which leverages on a strong foundation of maritime expertise to develop digital applications for decision makers in shipping operations and commercial management. Claritecs suite comprises ‘bunker maestro’, an algorithm-based SaaS platform that provides data-driven insights for bunker scheduling clarity which benefits stakeholders with increased work efficiencies and bunker fleet optimisation. Claritecs has further developed a decision-making platform for vessel valuations of 45,000 bulkers and tankers to aid those in the ship sale and purchase market based on market approach, income approach and replacement approach.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Founded: 2017

Wong Hong Lee | CEO | LinkedIn

Marianne Choo | Co-Founder & CMO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Russell Gomes | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer | LinkedIn