Cydome Security offers safe navigation in cyber storm

Cydome Security develops the first and most advanced cybersecurity end-to-end solutions for the maritime and naval industry. Cydome Securityโ€™s team includes industry experts from the cybersecurity, data protection, disaster recovery, and OT fields as well as former naval officers that lead nationwide cyber operations. Cydome aims to provide a seamless solution that protects and enhances the continuous operation of maritime vessels. Cydome developed a disruptive cyber solution seamlessly safeguarding the maritime and naval IoT ecosystem, including guidance, sensor, control, command, communication systems and linkage to coastal infrastructures; providing end-to-end protection from the kernel level using data and network isolation; rapid, reliable and automatic threat detection and protection.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel | Founded: 2016

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Nir Ayalon | CEO | LinkedIn

Bernardo Flood | Advisory Board Member & Cofounder | LinkedIn