Daphne Technology SA

Daphne Technology SA

Daphne Technology SA is an exhaust gas cleaning systems for marine engines and boilers.

Daphne Technology sells Nanotechnology based exhaust, catalyst-free, dry scrubber (air pollution reduction technology), which allow cargo ships to comply with IMO regulations on the emissions, while still using Heavy Fuel Oil, which come into effect in 2020. Daphne Technology is currently in the process of building factories and soliciting investment from maritime firms. They are projected to have an estimated 120 ships outfitted with their technology by 2023. The costs of compliance with the IMO regulations are estimated to be $250 billion, based on estimates of switching to Marine Gas Oil.

Location: Ecublens, Switzerland

Founded: 2017

Juan Mario Michan | CEO & Co-founder | LinkedIn

Hester Turton | CFO | LinkedIn