EMH Systems

Connecting on a common platform for a dynamic solution.

EMHS set out in 2017 with the common goal of assisting the maritime industry in not only complying with the strict environmental regulations which govern it, but with a vision of improving their overall interaction with the seas they call home. In today's modern world ship operators face complex environmental regulations, numerous marine protected areas, emission controlled areas, ballast regulations, and other local directives on a common basis. Since regulations can change continuously according to the ship’s position, it has become increasingly difficult for the ship’s personnel to comply at all times. In response to this challenge, a team of specialists developed the Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform or ECAP for short and the Maritime Environmental Hub. They believed the only true solution should be as dynamic as the issues they solve. Integrated together, we offer the only top to bottom solution linking any major player in the regulatory process.

Location: New York, United States


Yavor Ivanov - Co-Founder