EyeROV is an underwater drone that performs visual inspections/surveys of submerged structures.

EyeROV is India’s first commercial inspection class micro ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) that performs visual inspection and surveys of submerged structures. It is a cost-effective underwater rover that works up to a depth of 100m. It can be easily controlled using a laptop or a joystick. A camera fitted on to the underwater drone (ROV), gives a live video feed of the underwater environment. Their product finds a variety of applications, which includes ship hull inspections, fish farm inspections, dam inspections, port structure inspections, bridge foundation inspection to name a few.

Location: Kochi, India

Founded: 2016

Johns T Mathai | CEO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter

Kannappa Palaniappan P | CTO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn