Flexport is a modern freight forwarder.

Flexport and the Operating System for Global Trade brings together technology, infrastructure, and expertise to deliver real-time visibility and control, and a far better freight forwarding experience. Flexport connects all the parties in global trade, importers, exporters, trucking companies, ocean carriers, airlines, customs agencies, port terminals, through a single, secure cloud-based platform. In addition to offering access to all modes of transport, Flexport is building cross-docking warehouses near all major global population centres, each connected by high-frequency air, ocean, truck, and rail freight line-hauls in a global hub-spoke network.

Location: San Francisco, United States | Founded: 2013

Status: Active Trading | Type: Scaleup

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Ryan Petersen | Founder & CEO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Sanne Manders | COO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Sudhanshu Priyadarshi | CFO | LinkedIn |Twitter