Harbo Technologies

Harbo Technologies

Harbo Technologies is a company that stop oil spills before they spread.

Harbo Technologies is the oil spill first response system that tackles the main problem in fighting spills. They become major disasters because there’s nothing on-site to stop oil from spreading. Today, by the time oil spill responders arrive with their equipment, the damage is already done. HARBO provides an immediate offshore containment boom (floating barrier) that prevents the disastrous consequences of marine oil spills. What turns oil spills into major disasters is the simple fact that there are no immediate containment systems on board large ships and oil rigs. HARBO's lightweight and portable system solves this problem.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded: 2013

Boaz Ur | CEO and Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Arnon Shany | Co-founder & CTO | LinkedIn

Haim Greenberg | Co-Founder | LinkedIn