Harbor Wing Technologies

Harbor Wing Technologies designs and manufactures marine platforms for maritime threat and oceanic exploration applications.

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. is focused on the design, development, manufacture and sale of AUSVs for defense, government, commercial, environmental, domestic and international markets. Harbor Wing is developing a unique Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV), a multi-hull, high performance composite platform fitted with a hard wing/airfoil sail and hydrofoils. Unmanned and wind-powered, the AUSV will be able to remain on open-ocean or off-shore patrol for indefinite periods of time. A scaled AUSV prototype is being produced as a “concept demonstrator” for the U.S. Navy and other potential customers. Demonstrations and testing are conducted in Hawaiian waters. Harbor Wing is also undertaking the design of a commercial version of the AUSV, suitable for open sea applications such as open water exploration and mapping, oil platform security and surveillance, and ocean and environmental survey and tracking. Harbor Wing is a privately-held company, incorporated under Delaware law with offices in Seattle, Washington and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Location: Seattle, United States


  • Stage: Seed
  • Last round closed: 08/24/2011
  • Total funding to date (USD): $186,200


Stuart Franklin Platt - Co-founder & CEO

Thomas S. McDowell - CFO