Haystack Magic

Haystack Magic

Bluetooth asset tracking for enterprises.

Haystack Magic’s unique, on-premises location and tracking solution leverages cloud technologies, smartphones, a relative location method of contextual mapping, and human associative memory triggers to deliver asset location information to a smartphone user. Haystack Magic provides a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the need for scanning hardware and complex infrastructure. Haystack Magic’s physical asset tracking solution unleashes the full power of Bluetooth and the ubiquitous reach of crowd-scanning by employee smartphones to deliver the most flexible and cost-effective asset tracking option for enterprises.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Founded: 2017

Misha Nossik | President & CEO, Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Dmitry Sotnikov | Chief Scientist, Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Brian O'Higgins | Advisor | LinkedIn

Vadim Gouterman | Advisor | LinkedIn