ioCurrents MarineInsight analytics platform gathers, analyses, and transmits vessel equipment data in real time to help on-board and shoreside operators make more informed decisions.

ioCurrents consists of two main components, the DataHub, an onboard mini-computer that collects and analyses data locally, and a remote analytics cloud platform. Data is uploaded from the DataHub to the cloud platform via WiFi, cellular, or satellite whenever there is a connection. The local DataHub and the remote cloud platform perform analytics and analysis of vessel data so that both onboard operators and shoreside personnel can take advantage of the many data applications available in parallel. For remote operators, data is available real time as long as there is an active connection on the vessel.

Location: Seattle, United States | Founded: 2015

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Cosmo King | CEO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Bhaskar Bhattacharyya | CTO and Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Erik Logan | COO | LinkedIn

Ryan D. Conversano | Director of Sales | LinkedIn