Kontainers is your digital partner; a cutting-edge ocean freight platform currently serving some of the biggest brands in shipping.

Kontainers is an enterprise software company that provides freight forwarders and carriers with customer-facing execution platforms. Now working with 4 of the top 20 global shipping brands, including Maersk (ship.maerskline.com), Kontainers Enterprise is powering a customer-centric revolution in shipping, dramatically increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction and much more. In September 2018, they launched Kontainers Edge, catering for small to medium forwarders across the globe. Edge was built to democratize revolutionary software to help the industry as a whole move forward into a new era of shipping.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Founded: 2014

Graham Parker | CEO and Co-Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter

Cormac McCarthy | Inside Sales | LinkedIn

John Gilleran | Chief Revenue Officer | LinkedIn