Nido Robotics

Nido Robotics

Nido Robotics manufacture underwater drones with integrated cameras at low cost.

Nido Robotics manufactures underwater drones that allows inspection, maintenance or investigation work efficiently without risking any human life. These underwater drones with integrated cameras are commonly known as underwater ROV’s. Their drones help companies in the inspection, maintenance and repair of their underwater assets. They are manufacturers, which makes them able to adapt the underwater robots to the needs of each client. Nido Robotics offers one of the best alternatives to the great risk of diving for extended periods of time. Their ROV’s provide a cost-effective alternative for underwater research and inspection.

Location: Murcia, Spain

Founded: 2016

Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen | CEO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Enrique Gonzalez Sancho | CTO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter