Ocean Renewable Power Company

Ocean Renewable Power Company generates electricity from tidal energy.

ORPC Improves people’s lives and their environment through sustainable energy solutions. They are a global leader in marine renewable energy (MRE) technology and project solutions and is focused on solving the problem of high cost, environmentally risky diesel power generation in remote "islanded" communities by harnessing the power of ocean and river currents. This creates clean predictable locally produced renewable energy. Worldwide they are the only company to have built, operated and delivered power to a utility grid from an MRE tidal project, and to a local microgrid from an MRE river project.

Location: Portland, United States

Founded: 2004

Christopher R. Sauer | CEO & Co-founder | LinkedIn |Twitter

John Ferland | President & COO | LinkedIn

Jarlath McEntee | CTO | LinkedIn

Abbey Manders | Vice President & CFO | LinkedIn