Offshore Monitoring

Offshore Monitoring provides monitoring systems and sensor solutions for the maritime industries.

O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd (OSM) is a fast growing, tech driven SME with worldwide ambitions. Inspired by the needs of the Maritime Industry, OSM was founded in 2007 by a Norwegian entrepreneur dedicated to combining his expertise in Remote Sensing with his passion for sailing on the open seas. OSM has top class professionals and support staff located across Europe, Caribbean and Asia (e.g. Norway, Sweden, UK, Cyprus, Anguilla, Singapore). Their worldwide team is spread over a growing consortium of spin-off and expert SMEs, all working towards the same goal of improving the efficiency, sustainability, security and safety of commercial shipping and offshore activities.

Location: Central, Hong Kong


  • Stage: Venture
  • Last round closed: 01/09/2016
  • Total funding to date (USD): $2,778,100


Alexis Michael - Legal Analyst