Optimiz is an InsurTech start-up that is making your claims process smarter.

Optimiz is an InsurTech start-up founded by experienced entrepreneurs with successful track records and above 20 Years of experience in the Financial Service Industry with the aim of reshaping the future of claim recovery. At Optimiz, they believe that enhanced claims handling experience and optimized claims handling costs are two faces of the same coin; which is providing lasting value to all involved stakeholders in the claims process. That is why they developed CroP, their secure cloud-based and AI-driven claims recovery platform in order to enhance the recovery claim experience by facilitating smooth efficient recoveries while shortening claims cycle for its users and significantly driving down recovery cost.

Location: London, England


  • Stage: Grant
  • Last round closed: 11/01/2018
  • Total funding to date (USD): $79,109.06


Kingsly Kongnyuh Kwalar - Founder