Powerful insights into supply chain quality conditions from the first mile to the last.

Parsyl was founded with the mission to improve lives and save money by providing a better way to ensure the integrity of sensitive goods as they are shipped around the globe. Parsylโ€™s platform includes its proprietary Trek multi-sensing devices, a mobile app, an optional plug-in gateway, and web-based insights and analytics tools. Parsyl is designed to be user friendly and affordable and to deploy across all storage assets and shipments, regardless of product type, shipment length or mode of transit. Parsylโ€™s software automatically turns sensor data into actionable reports and visualizations. Think of them as your new data science team.

Location: Denver, United States | Founded: 2017

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Ben Hubbard | CEO, Co-founder | LinkedIn

Mike Linton | Co-founder, CTO | LinkedIn

Alex Haar | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer | LinkedIn |Twitter