Propulsion Analytics

Propulsion Analytics

Extracting meaning from data.

Propulsion Analytics specializes in energy efficiency and performance monitoring for the maritime industry. Their primary service revolves around the pioneering of simulation models and machine learning for vessel/engine performance evaluation and fault diagnosis. Using this technology they develop a customized “digital twin” of an engine. By using routine measurements from the vessel and comparing them with the reference values from the “digital twin”, the operator is provided with performance assessment information, fault diagnosis and fuel consumption optimization in service, and can provide the engines performance in any operating condition. Thus minimizing unplanned downtime and reducing operating costs. The company is rapidly expanding its activities in Greece and abroad, already serving a wide range of needs in the shipping industry, ranging from large containership operators to tanker and bulker management companies.

Location: Pireas, Greece | Founded: 2014

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Zoe Lygizou Karlou | Communications and Marketing Executive | LinkedIn |Twitter

Nikos Skiadas | Senior Performance Engineer | LinkedIn

Stratos Tzanos | General Manager | LinkedIn