RadiantFleet accelerates innovative companies in ports worldwide.

RadiantFleet is a client-centric software solution for management companies, ship owners and crewing agencies. Their software helps businesses digitalize their workflow, cut costs and improve budgeting and productivity. They provide their clients with a unique competitive advantage in a challenging market. Radiant Crewing makes the recruiting, hiring, planning and administration of your crew more efficient. Manage your crew changes easily. Comply with regulations by automatically checking and updating missing or expired certificates and documents. Enable office personnel and vessel crews to collaborate in real-time by sending and receiving essential information through RadiantFleetโ€™s vessel clients.

Location: Limassol, Cyprus | Founded: 2012

Status: Active Trading | Type: SME

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Marios Papasofokli | CEO, Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Sofoklis Papasofokli | CEO, Co-Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter