RanMarine Technology

RanMarine Technology

RanMarine's current products include the WasteShark™ range, designed and used to clear plastics, bio-waste and other debris from waterways.

RanMarine builds aqua-drones that clear the water of waste, plastics and other non-biodegradables, as well as oils and other chemical contaminants. Lightweight, agile, autonomous - their drones are specifically designed for inland and near-coastal water in order to catch marine litter before it is carried away into the open ocean by tide, current and wind. RanMarine drones are also learning machines, continuously gathering data from the environment, transmitting intel to a centralised database on dry land, and communicating with each other in the water. This way their drones acts as an autonomous, responsive, self-organising net.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Founded: 2016

Richard Hardiman | CEO | LinkedIn

Esther Lokhorst | Operations Manager | LinkedIn