Scubacraft is a high performance submersible watercraft.

Scubacraft Ltd is a marine technology platform developed to deliver products to a range of industries. Working with an international network of strategic partners, suppliers and distributors the business strives to be a global leader in the development of highly efficient, compact, lightweight submersible watercrafts. The patented technology transforms the buoyancy of our high performance, ventilated composite monocoque hull that combines RIB tube technology to allow precise control when transitioning from surface to underwater and whilst resurfacing. Powered underwater by electric thrusters and batteries to deliver hydrodynamic control whilst a compact combustion engine drives the jet propulsion system that thrusts the air entrapment hull, delivering an exhilarating, air cushioned ride with outstanding manoeuvrability.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Founded: 2011

Robin Harris | Co-Founder & Advisor | LinkedIn