Shipgaz Training

Shipgaz Training

Maritime training with instant certification.

Shipgaz Training mission is to offer a system that was easily administered, cost efficient, straightforward for the user and always available. The solution was an online service where the certificate would be issued immediately after exam and emailed to the user in a matter of seconds. This was something that did not exist within the maritime training industry. At that time, they only offered Ice navigation and Safety officer training courses within a limited system, today they have a large course library, approvals by DNV SeaSkills™ and several maritime administrations. Shipgaz currently have over 120 affiliated companies and the number of users is growing rapidly.

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Founded: 2007

Tomas Lindberg | Managing Director | LinkedIn |Twitter

Sara Hult | Customer Success Manager | LinkedIn

Rikard Engström | Chairman of the board | LinkedIn |Twitter