We have built the most advanced digital co-pilot in the world to help shipowners protect their people and the environment. Eliminate risk and reduce your fuel consumption today.

Shone makes the ocean safer and friendlier, for the people who foster our global economy. They believe that artificial intelligence is the key to provide better work conditions to the amazing people who support the world's trade and prosperity. Shone's proprietary detection algorithm (based on data gathered from the ship sensors AIS, radar and GPS and added cameras on board) analyses the surrounding of the ship and predicts the behaviour of the other vessels around. The system is active 24/7 with no downtime and works in every weather situation.

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States | Founded: 2017

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

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Steph Wang | Operations | LinkedIn

Antoine de Maleprade | CTO | LinkedIn |Twitter

Ugo Vollmer | CEO | LinkedIn |Twitter