Sofar Ocean Technologies

Sofar produces ocean tools and data products for any industry.

Sofar builds accessible ocean sensing and exploration tools. Their mission is to create pervasive sensor networks to understand and monitor ocean environments and provide critical data for ocean enthusiasts, industry, and conservation. Sofar’s hardware is designed for affordability and usability. It is also built to withstand the harsh ocean environment and is optimized to capture high-fidelity ocean data. Their products are designed to enable a wide array of uses, from the scientific to the industrial. With the Sofar Weather API, data can validate ocean current data as well as provide new and intriguing insights and opportunity.

Location: Half Moon Bay, United States

Founded: 2016

Tim Janssen | CEO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Eric Stackpole | Co-founder | LinkedIn

Evan Shapiro | Co-Founder & CTO | LinkedIn

David Lang | Co-founder | LinkedIn