We4Sea provides the easiest, non-CAPEX monitoring solution for ships, making fuel efficiency and emission reduction easy, fast and affordable.

We4Sea provides its customers with increased fuel efficiency of ships and propulsion systems. They create in-depth insight for clients on fuel efficiency and ways to improve it drastically. Their tools cut down fuel costs for ships and increase the sustainability of shipping. Their data-driven platform can monitor, report and optimize the fuel consumption of your (chartered) ships. Using their unique, in-house developed Digital Twin concept, they have developed a radical new way of monitoring sea-going ships. Requiring no new hardware onboard, they can monitor any conventionally powered ship within 24 hours.

Location: Delft, Netherlands

Founded: 2016

Michiel Katgert | Owner | LinkedIn

Dan Veen | Founder | LinkedIn |Twitter

Giovanni Avila | Frontend Developer | LinkedIn

Tamara Wetzels-Schreurs | Business Support Manager | LinkedIn