ZASTI AI platform provides a scientific and proven way of predicting risks and improving business efficiency.

ZASTI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform that helps companies and their clients by predicting risks and improving business efficiency. This enables them to deliver tangible cost savings for customers and their clients. The technology platform is built using proprietary deep learning algorithms to provide predictive and diagnostic solutions. ZASTI analyses existing data, identifies anomalies and recurring usage patterns, and then delivers highly accurate predictions and diagnoses through specific vertical sector applications. For industrial users, ZASTI can cut down downtime by 50-70%, increasing business efficiency by 20-30% or save 30% of OPEX.

Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom | Founded: 2017

Status: Active Trading | Type: Startup

Krish Krishnan | CEO & Founder

John Domenech | COO | LinkedIn

Hajdi Cenan | Co-founder & CMO | LinkedIn

Ram Srinivasan | Co-founder | LinkedIn

ZASTI Intelligence Report:

Take an in depth look at ZASTI with a Startup Innovation Intelligence report prepared by a Thetius analyst covering:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Solution and Technology
  • Patents and IP
  • Market Traction
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Outlook

Price: £249.00 | Turnaround time: 2 business days | Report format: pdf

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