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The Benchmark: Wednesday 11th of September 09:00am - 10:00am BST

Join our one-hour webinar as we explore the evolving landscape of digital transformation within the maritime industry. With the advent of Industry 4.0, characterised by AI, cloud computing, and IoT, ships are becoming more than vessels; they’re transforming into digital hubs of connectivity and insight. The industry expert panellists will explore the journey of maritime businesses towards digital maturity, uncovering key enablers, challenges, and the pathways to success.

Throughout this session, we’ll discuss the intricate layers of digital transformation within the maritime industry. Our expert panel will guide you through the strategic nuances of leveraging emerging technologies and embracing agile operational frameworks. By offering practical insights and actionable recommendations, viewers will come away with insights from our latest thought leadership report created in partnership with Lloyds Register

Thetius Leaders' Forum 2024

Dubai – Wednesday 11th December 2024

Leading real transformation in any organisation is an immense challenge fraught with obstacles. Trying to do it alone without support is not just difficult, it’s impossible. Leaders need a trusted community to help them navigate uncertainty.

That’s why the Thetius Leaders’ Forum offers an exclusive, invite-only space for senior executives across the maritime industry to come together. This carefully curated community combines intimate in-person gatherings with ongoing virtual conversations to foster meaningful connections.

Together, leaders from diverse sectors like ship operating, chartering, port management, cargo owning, and other sectors within the industry can network, discuss common problems, and exchange best practices. And they can do it in an environment free of sales pitches and promotional agendas.

The forum also provides access to insights from recognised technology partners at the cutting edge of innovation. Their expertise helps members grasp emerging trends and new solutions for the industry.

Most importantly, the forum enables leaders to build relationships with peers they can rely on during challenging times. Having a community of trusted allies makes transformation seem more possible. It provides the support necessary to push past obstacles and drive real change.

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