Thetius is a research firm that helps maritime industry leaders make strategic technology decisions

Thetius IQ

Thetius IQ is committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence, analysis, and research on emerging technologies within the supply chain. Our unique combination of proprietary and public data, coupled with our industry expertise, allows us to predict future innovation and help senior executives in shipping make better strategic technology decisions.

Market Monitoring, Stay informed about specific technology sectors and markets with our data-driven overviews. Our live updates cover market sectors, including activity growth and emerging technology trends, as well as updates on companies in the market, such as partnerships and contract awards.

Organisation and Project Data Dive deep into individual companies with our in-depth reports, which include financial information, solution and technology details, a timeline of updates, and connected organisations.

Research Library Explore our extensive collection of over 150 reports, with new additions every week. Our research library features in-depth market briefings on emerging technology trends and individual companies, as well as analyses of technologies, industry adoption, funding, and market-leading companies or projects. We also offer the ability to make on-demand research requests on organisations, markets, or technologies.

Flagship Research Our eight annual flagship reports cover the latest emerging trends in four key areas: Maritime Decarbonisation, Ship Operations and Management Technology, Ports and Terminal Management Technology, and Chartering and Voyage Management Technology. These comprehensive reports are designed to provide an overview of how technology sectors are changing and to inform strategic thinking for leaders.

Competitor Monitoring and Strategy Review Gain a data-driven overview of your own competitive landscape or the competitors of your key suppliers. Our personalised feed of curated updates keeps you informed about your key competitors and suppliers. We also offer private technology strategy briefings, providing tailored insights to suit your organisation’s goals.

Thetius IQ, is proud to work with industry leaders and provide research that gets noticed. Contact us today to learn more about our analyst and advisor subscriptions, and let us help you navigate the rapidly evolving world of maritime technology.

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