Research Commissions

 Here at Thetius, we specialise in maritime innovation, providing detailed thought leadership research in order to support technological advancements in the maritime industry. One of our core services is conducting maritime research commissions. We collaborate with various maritime market sectors to produce high-quality research that provides valuable insights, aiding in technological advancements and informed decision-making within the maritime industry.

Each report is exclusively sponsored by a single partner, providing them with a unique opportunity to establish their brand as a technology thought leader in the global maritime industry. As an exclusive sponsor, you will benefit from consultation on the content and key themes of the research, prominent featuring of your logo and brand throughout the report, and the exclusive right to author the foreword. Additionally, you will receive exclusive sponsorship of a launch webinar, bringing together key thought leaders from across the industry to discuss the findings.

 To maximise the impact of the research, Thetius will develop and publish 12 content pieces covering key themes from each report, driving traffic back to the report for long-term exposure. Partners will also benefit from 20,000 sends of an exclusive content-led advertisement in the Thetius newsletter, drafted by our team to maximise engagement from our readers.

The Benefits of Thetius Research

By sponsoring a Thetius thought leadership report, you will gain access to an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your expertise, generate high-quality leads, and establish your brand as a technology thought leader

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