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Cyber security principles for seafarers

Disciplined in their craft and highly capable, the professional seafarer is a unique individual. Employed in an ancient trade, they embody the collective knowledge of generations. Where once seafarers voyaged oceans relying solely upon their native skills and analogue tools, today the waters have evolved into an interconnected technological ecosystem. From integrated navigational bridge systems […]

How will 5G enable smart ports?

From wired broadband to 4G, WiFi to VHF radio, communication technology in ports has made it exponentially easier for people to communicate with each other. The same is true for 5G but more importantly, for the first time, 5G will make it exponentially easier for objects to communicate with each other. This new communication technology […]

Startup incubators, accelerators, and investors in the maritime industry

Raising money and building the support to get an idea off the ground is challenging in any industry, but can be particularly challenging in the maritime industry. That said, there are a growing number of incubators, accelerators, and investors who actively work in maritime transport. Below is a list of incubators, accelerators, and investors that […]

Shiptech 2020: The state of venture investment activity in the maritime industry.

From navigation to chartering, bunkers to freight forwarding, digitalisation has touched every facet of the shipping industry in the last decade. As the industry’s transformation from analogue to digital steps into higher gear, it is increasingly catching the attention of entrepreneurs and investors looking for big problems to solve. In the 27 page report we […]

Brief guide to blockchain in shipping

Blockchain is one of the most hyped technologies of this decade. To many people, it is synonymous with Bitcoin. But if you look beneath the surface, blockchain has a limitless number of potential applications beyond the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. In maritime, the applications for the technology span right across the industry from trade facilitation […]

Flexport is attempting to transform the container stuffing process

Flexport, the recent recipient of the world’s largest trade technology funding round has recently begun making moves to optimise the process of stuffing containers and storing packages in warehouses. In a patent filing published in October 2019 for a “Cargo Management System”, the silicon valley based freight forwarder outlined plans for a system that automatically […]

What does the acquisition of INLT tell us about Amazon’s logistics strategy?

Amazon has acquired cloud-based customs startup INLT in a move to strengthen their offering to importers to the United States. What does this tell us about Amazon’s broader logistics strategy? INLT is a small team made up of customs brokers, developers, freight forwarders, and attorneys. Their cloud-based solution provides clients with full visibility to the […]

Trade 2.0: How Startups are Driving the Next Generation of Maritime Trade

Summary: The shipping industry is at the beginning of a fundamental transformation. The combination of the rise of connectivity and digitisation, and the need to move away from fossil fuels, means that every aspect of the industry’s operating model will change over the next three decades. This report: Identifies the key technologies transforming the maritime […]

Frictionless Trade: How new technology will power international trade

Despite recent advances, the international shipping industry has a long way to go in terms of fully leveraging the potential of new technologies. Innovation in this sector is crucial to helping the UK to overcome the technical challenges posed by Brexit, but also to its ambition of establishing itself as an open, forward-thinking international trading […]