Five IoT startups transforming container operations

Five IoT companies transforming container operations

IoT has been slated as the next hot technology area for maritime with the threat of emission reporting rules combined with the prospect of enhanced operational efficiency meaning shipowners are set to spend an estimated $2.5 million on IoT-based solutions within the next three years.

Though IoT looks set to impact all areas of vessel operations, it is in the container sector where the greatest progress is being made, but who is working on enhancing container operations with IoT? According to the Thetius platform, there are 35 maritime startups building IoT solutions worldwide. We have outlined five promising container solutions here:


Globe Tracker specialises in supply chain visibility telematics and sensor data solutions to enable customers to improve performance, increase customer retention and add new revenue streams in the reefer market.

With clients including Hapag-Lloyd, Samskip and Dole, Globetracker’s end to end asset tracking solution is gaining solid market traction.

Their solutions include the GT Sense Device, which communicates through mobile networks when available and stores data locally when it doesn’t have a connection, and Sense Vessel, a wireless IoT network specifically designed to allow ships to transmit reefer data from anywhere in the world.

See Your Box

See Your Box uses IoT devices and sensors to collect, analyze and extract information across all steps of the supply chain.

With over 60 different services ranging from temperature control to real-time pattern recognition, they offer a one-stop-shop for customers in need of detailed information on goods travelling around the world.


Up to 30% of cargo claims come from containers in a bad state of repair. Rather than tracking container incidents, Conexbird aims to stop them from happening in the first place by using patented IoT technology to make condition monitoring accurate and affordable.

Conexbird relies on measuring vibration to establish the structural integrity of containers. The system can take measurements during normal container moving operations. This approach helps shippers, terminals, and carriers to ensure that a container is safe before using it to move cargo without incurring delays for inspections.


Operating out of Barcelona, Shellock is developing a smart seal for containers. The seal, which is placed at the container door, begins transmitting track and trace data to a cloud dashboard as soon as it is locked.

At any time during the container’s journey, should it be tampered with, push alerts can be sent to a user’s phone. Shellock has an 18-month battery life and can be easily switched between containers with no installation costs.


Loiggino is on a mission to create “Contopia” – a world where every shipping container is real-time IoT connected. Their IoT devices replace standard container vents, making it possible for any container depot around the world to fit them without requiring additional training or equipment.

Loggino offer container asset tracking as a service for just $29/month including all of the hardware required.